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ESA Discounts

Berger & O'Neal Insurance Group

ESA Discounts

Berger & O'Neal is providing Executive Suite Association members with a Comprehensive Insurance Package that has been designed for the executive suite industry.

The program includes a full line of Property & Liability, Equipment Breakdown, Workers Compensation and Umbrella coverages.

The program is underwritten and serviced by a leading national insurance carrier at reduced pricing for all ESA members.

Please contact us or complete a quote form for a no obligation quote.

Benefits To You

  • Administered by a major insurance company known for its stability and financial strength so you can concentrate on your business rather than your insurance company's ability to pay a claim.
  • Especially designed and discounted in order to lower your insurance costs. Expense savings translate directly to your bottom line.
  • Claims handled quickly and fairly by company adjusters. No waiting around for days for an independent adjuster to contact you about your claim.
  • Broad coverages and high liability limits offer you peace of mind in knowing your business has the best protection available.
  • Serviced by a knowledgeable Georgia agent with over 25 years experience in commercial lines. Your time is freed up to work on your business rather than your insurance program.

Coverage Benefits


  • Policy includes loss of rents coverage at no charge.
  • Your property is covered for replacement cost. There is no deduction for depreciation.
  • Your covered property includes improvements and betterments.


  • Policy includes personal injury coverage at no charge.
  • Policy provides coverage if you are responsible for damage to the building you rent or lease.
  • Policy provides up to $2,000,000 limits of coverage

Workers Compensation

  • Preferred rates
  • Includes employer's liability

Umbrella Liability

  • Policy can provide up to an additional $5,000,000 over and above the liability and professional coverage.


  • Special coverage for computer equipment.
  • Liability coverage for rented and non-owned autos.
  • Coverage for loss of income you incur if your building is shut down due to interruption of water, communication or power lines.

Payment Plan

  • For a nominal fee your policies are combined into one easy monthly installment plan.