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Pet Insurance

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Pet Insurance

Georgia Pet Insurance

Pets are part of the family and as pet parents; we want to provide our dogs and cats with the best possible care. But when injuries and illness happen unexpectedly, the cost for treatment can quickly add up. This is where pet insurance can help you manage those unexpected vet bills. Pet insurance can also help manage the cost of preventive care for your furry friend.

Estimated costs of pet injury and illness

Estimated Pet Injury and Illness Chart

How much coverage do I need? 

Several coverage options are available for you to customize a plan just right for you.    

  • Accident Only Plan that will cover accidents and injuries (broken bones, lodged foreign objects, torn ligaments, etc.) 
  • Complete Coverage Plan that covers accidents, injuries and also illness (cancer, diabetes, separation anxiety, gingivitis, etc.) 
  • Choose from annual limits from $2,500 up to unlimited. This limit resets each year, but cannot be increased 
  • Reimbursement options of 90%, 80% or 70% 
  • Annual deductible options of $100, $250, or $500 

All Plans: 

  • 12 month policy period 
  • Any licensed veterinarian in US or Canada
  • Multiple pets receive 10% discount
  • Choose payment plan 
  • 30 day money back guarantee

What is not covered? 

  • Pre-existing conditions unless cured, symptom and treatment free for 180 days 
  • Costs related to pregnancy or breeding, grooming or boarding 
  • Elective procedures such as ear cropping or claw removal 
  • Prescription foods or supplements for weight loss, prevention or maintenance 

How do I know if my pet is eligible?  

  • Must be a dog or cat
  • Must be at least 8 weeks old at enrollment 
  • No maximum age limit
  • No restriction on enrollment eligibility based on previous medical history
  • Physical exams not required 
  • No waiting period for accident coverage or preventive care 
  • 14 day waiting period for illnesses and knee & ligament conditions
  • Premium is not impacted by filing claims

It is best to enroll when pets are young and healthy ~ before any unexpected accident or illness happens.

 Does it cover annual vaccines? 

You have the option to purchase Preventive Care as part of your plan. 

  • 3 options from which to choose 
  • Reimburses set amounts for each listed service
  • No deductible or reimbursement percentage 
  • Annual amount that will reset year policy year 

Pet Preventative Care

How expensive is pet insurance? 

The price will vary based on the coverage options selected along with:

  • Age of pet
  • Breed
  • Species
  • Zip Code 

Do I have to visit a certain vet?  

No, it is a reimbursement program, so there are no in network and out of network decisions for you to make.

Customer Support center makes it easy for you! 

  • Available Monday through Saturday
  • Answers your questions
  • Direct Deposit available for easy reimbursement 

24/7 Member Center 

  • Submit claims from computer, tablet or phone
  • View and track claims 
  • Update account information 

So how do you purchase pet insurance?

It’s quick and easy. Just begin click the start button on the right side of this page.