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New Traffic Laws: Don't get a ticket!

New Lights, New Signs, New Violations!

How violations will impact your auto insurance rates.

Have you seen them?  Those new road signs?  Those new traffic lights?

You’ve had your license for 10, 20 or 30 years.   What if you had to take your driver’s test today?  Would you pass?

When the rules of the road change, it’s up to drivers to keep up.  If you’re not familiar with the new rules of the road, you could be issued a violation which could impact your auto insurance rates.

We’ve highlighted just a few laws below. Be sure to check out the Georgia Department of Driver Services website to read up on traffic laws such as the Move Over Law, work zones, railroad crossings, proper use of headlights and more.

Download a copy of the current 2017 Drivers Manual here:


Texting and Cell Phone Use!!!

Texting while driving is illegal and will fetch you a hefty fine but more importantly can result in death.

Any driver under age 18 who holds a Class D license or a learner’s permit is prohibited from using any wireless device while driving. This includes cell phones, computers, and all texting devices. The fine for a conviction is $150, or $300 if involved in a crash while using a wireless device.  

All drivers regardless of age are prohibited from reading, writing, or sending a text message while driving. This ban applies to any texting device. The fine for a conviction is $150.

Most insurance companies now treat a Texting and Driving violation as severely as a Driving Under the Influence violation.  If you receive one of these violations, be prepared to pay significantly higher auto insurance rates or possibly even have your coverage canceled. 


Super Speeder!

 Slow it down; being a Super Speeder does not make you a Super Hero.

 Any driver convicted of speeding 75 mph on any two-lane road, or 85 mph and over anywhere in Georgia, will be assessed a $200 state fee. The state fee will be in addition to any local fines imposed in the jurisdiction where the speeding offense occurs. Failure to pay the state fee on time will result in a license suspension and additional $50 reinstatement fee.

Super Speeder violations will impact your auto insurance rates greater than a speed of less than 10mph over or even 10-15mph over.

Driving Too Slowly!

Yes, you can be cited for driving too slow. 

Drivers are prohibited from driving a motor vehicle at such a slow speed as to impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic except when a reduced speed is necessary for safe operation. Driving too slowly can be dangerous because it impedes the regular flow of traffic. Minimum speed limits are posted on certain highways. Penalties include fines up to $1000.


Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol!

 This is not new but is always worth repeating. Take a designated driver with you, call uber, call a friend.  Just don’t drink and drive.


  • It is unlawful for any person to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, a drug (prescription or illegal), or any other substance which impairs his/her ability to safely do so;

  • A person 21 or more years of age is considered “Under the Influence of Alcohol” when 0.08 gm or more by alcohol weight is present in the blood;

  • A person under 21 years of age is irrefutably considered “Under the Influence of Alcohol” when 0.02 gm or more by alcohol weight is present in the blood;

    Certain drugs or other substances can also make a person irrefutably “under the influence.” Having a prescription for certain medication is not a defense if the medication impairs your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Penalties for driving under the influence of intoxicants are severe, with fines up to $1000, jail sentences up to 12 months, and mandatory suspension of your driving privileges.

Insurance Rate Impact! 

If you are convicted of one of these violations or any violation, be prepared to pay significantly higher auto insurance rates or possibly even have your coverage canceled. If the violation is severe, your insurance company may non-renew your coverage sending you to seek costly “high risk” insurance. If your insurance company offers you a renewal, you will see a hefty price tag attached to that violation. Additionally, most insurers will penalize you for those violations for 3-5 years.  

Is it really worth it?  There are many factors you can’t control when it comes to your auto insurance rates, but your driving record is not one of them.  

Put the phone down, and obey the traffic laws.  


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