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Georgia's Winery Insurance Program

Your one stop shop for Winery Insurance in Georgia and the Southeast USA.

How is our Wine Program different from other insurance programs?
Saying insurance is insurance is like saying all wines taste the same. We know that every winery is different. Differences in operations often create unique exposures to each winery. That’s why we customize our Winery Insurance Program to meet the individual needs of each customer that we insure.

Let our experts walk you through the specialty coverages you need. Plus learn about winery specific loss prevention, responsible alcohol server training programs, and much more.

We have the ability to accommodate a large range of exposures, from Wine Production and Tasting Rooms, to Special Events and Lodging. Our program includes Wine Contamination, Wine Leakage, and many other specialized coverages designed for your business.

For more information call Berger & O'Neal Insurance Group directly at 770-442-0770. If you prefer, visit our website at and we will contact you directly. We'd be happy to give you referrals of local clients who have used our Winery Insurance Program for several years..

Our unique program is also available to Distilleries and Breweries.

Knowing all about your business makes us better at ours.